MVP Approach to Loyalty

What MVP can do for Harley-Davidson® dealers

  • Creates differentiation from the competition
  • Allows for customer engagement in the sport
  • Builds sustainable customer enthusiasm Identifies and cultivates a large core group of riders who are not only enthusiastic about the sport of motorcycling but exhibit the same enthusiasm about your dealership.
  • Infuses respect / dignity into the customer’s retail experience Brings convenience back into the lives of the customer
  • Creates loyalty to the dealership Driving consistent revenue streams, day in and day out.
  • Offers the dealer the opportunity to alter behavior
  • Helps ensure margin preservation in an age of discount-driven consumers. MVP’s structure allows for customer savings, but promotes a structure that is both manageable and controllable. Savings beyond the base level are earned through increased loyalty. MVP is about value, consistency, and customer convenience and hospitality – much more than a low price that cheapens your dealership brand.


MVP is an all-inclusive, top-notch program that includes regular consultation and inclusion in a premier dealer network

  • Proven Tools & Techniques to: Differentiate your dealership from all of your competitors Increase market share Utilize your advertising dollars effectively & efficiently Identify your best customers Keep riders loyal to your store Maximize your revenue potential Analyze and adjust your customers buying behaviors Offer 100% of your products to 100% of your customers, 100% of the time
  • Right to be an MVP franchisee & exclusive territory
  • Customized MVP logo
  • Customized customer-facing website
  • Customized administrative websiteNo need to purchase any special hardware or software; all the tools you need are accessible from any computer through Internet Explorer or similar browser.
  • Website hosting
  • Bi-annual training
  • Sales training and support tools
  • Merchandising POP
  • Access to a network of premier dealerships and exchange of marketing & strategy ideas within the MVP family.
  • Access to marketing and operational support whenever you need it.


Why MVP?

We’re in the business of selling Harley-Davidson® product just like you

MVP, Inc. is a sister company of St. Paul Harley-Davidson®. Developed for the heavyweight motorcycle market, our approach is vastly different from anything available today. Despite all the economic upheaval over the past few years, Harley-Davidson® still commands the majority share of the market and is absolutely the right brand to be associated with. We’re not going to bring a car selling mentality to Harley-Davidson®. This is an elite brand and should be sold with pride and dignity. MVP is not about repurposing tired concepts that may work in automotive industry.

We don’t and will never have 100-200 clients

MVP allows your dealership to develop and maintain a distinct competitive advantage over your rivals. With the Motor Company, it’s all about leveling the playing field. MVP provides you with the tools to tilt the odds in your favor in a way that cannot be copied or matched. We provide each franchisee with a generous protected territory that we both agree upon. That means your closest competitors won’t have MVP and never will as long as you’re in the program.

Looking for “set it and forget it?” Or matching the loyalty rebate card of your competition? That’s not how we work.

When you embark on the MVP journey, you will fundamentally change in how you embrace your best customers. It’s a sophisticated system that requires you to engrain this new approach throughout your entire organization. It takes effort, but the results are proven. We will work with you to constantly refine and improve your program. Times change and your MVP program must involve with them. In fact, we talk with our every franchisee weekly to see how we can help and conduct day long in person visits two times a year. In addition, we have held marketing conferences to discuss how to improve and sharpen our marketing tactics, sharing best practices so we all can improve. These are not “Twenty Group” discussions on dealer dashboard metrics, but new marketing concepts, promotions and strategies that impact your business today.

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From the drivers behind its creation to its evolution into a World-Class loyalty application for the heavyweight motorcycle market.