“MVP has had an immediate and long-term positive impact on my business since I signed on in 2006. The loyalty shown by our customers is much stronger today than at any time in our long history, loyalty that cuts across all departments. We are very happy to be part of MVP and I attribute a great deal of our success and our recent Bar & Shield awards to MVP.”

Liz DeGenaro
Dealer Principal

Bergen County Harley-Davidson
Rochelle Park, NJ

“MVP, without a doubt, has been a great solution for us in regards to capturing and retaining customer loyalty in our market.

The dealership employees have embraced this loyalty concept at all levels, and acceptance at the customer level has been overwhelmingly positive. I strongly recommend this system to dealers that truly want to take charge of their future.”

Al Contois
Dealer Principal

Seacoast Harley-Davidson / Harley-Davidson Shop of Rochester / Boston Harley-Davidson
North Hampton, NH / Rochester, NH / Everett, MA

“Like many dealers these days, we are constantly scanning the landscape for an edge. Rewarding customer loyalty is a no brainer when it comes to keeping that edge over the competition. We’d been through several different “loyalty programs” when we were first introduced to MVP. To say the least I was skeptical. It was then that I began to peel back the onion and see, not only the real benefits of MVP, but also the flaws in our existing system. We thoroughly analyzed MVP before taking the big step and realized several things:

  1. It’s not really about the discount.
  2. Are you getting the desired behavior out of your customers?
  3. It’s turnkey.

Once we began the program, it was a game changer. Our customers that were members of our previous program quickly realized that the real benefits of MVP far outweighed the short term “deals” that they received from the old program, and they did not have to jump through hoops to get them.

From a dealer’s perspective, MVP provided a means to “train” our customers into truly being evangelists for our dealership, by influencing them to do the things that make us successful through easy rewards. Things that we used to take for granted are now part of our DNA, partially because they are easy to track and manage with the MVP software.

From a customer's standpoint, they have come to realize it’s not just about the discount either. Frankly there are bigger discounts out there to be had. It’s about making them feel important. Making them feel a part of something. The reception they receive at our MVP parties and especially at our Gold Member Event completely overwhelms anything that they’ve ever received from any other dealer. They know that MVP provides them that difference. And it makes me look smart in the process.”

Scott Bumpus
Dealer Principal

Bumpus Harley-Davidson
Jackson, TN

“MVP has helped us create customers who are committed and loyal to our dealership. Our MVP customers truly represent the 20% of the 80/20 rule! With MVP, our marketing strategy has changed, actually becoming somewhat easier as we know who we are targeting. By having their pertinent information on file, we can quickly come up with targeted promotions throughout the dealership on items we KNOW our customers want.

MVP allows us to easily track detailed information about customers, which allows me to track their habits, which in turn helps grow our business. We monitor their sales and most importantly, their Service Department habits. We are now focusing more on specific MVP customers that we want to build stronger relationships in other departments. The customers like it when you call them and let them know about a new product just for their motorcycle or that they may need service. I love it!”

Tina Jarman
Marketing Manager

Harley-Davidson of Baltimore
Baltimore, MD

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From the drivers behind its creation to its evolution into a World-Class loyalty application for the heavyweight motorcycle market.